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Have you got a Lotus and you wish to keep it in the best safety, working and comfort conditions? Come to Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead service and your car will get quality repairs including computer-aided diagnostic checks and testing done by our technicians, mechanics and engineers! We offer the highest quality standards! Performance is a choice!

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Lotus Servicing in Hemel Hempstead? YES – Lotus car service Hemel Hempstead!
Our company provides full repair services for Lotus at Hemel Hempstead. With its skilled staff and state-of-the-art technology, you have high quality repairs you’re your Lotus.

Lotus repair in Hemel Hempstead – Cheap Lotus car service Hemel Hempstead
We fix any mechanical or electrical problem in your Lotus, offering full maintenance services, too. We can remind you upon request the date of the following MOT by text messages or e-mail in compliance with the British legislation in force. Choose the pros!

Car service Hemel Hempstead – Car repair servicing in Hemel Hempstead!

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Quality Lotus repairs
Are you looking for certainties at the Lotus car service? Here you also get the direct guarantee granted by the producer and labour. You have Lotus service at Doctor Hemel Hempstead, where we use only original parts directly imported from the manufacturers irrespective of whether we talk about parts or common spares. Here you get branded Lotus repairs!

Cheap Lotus Repair? Lotus car service Hemel Hempstead cost!
The Lotus servicing costs are fair and real at our company. What does it mean? It means that here, at Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead, you get the guarantee that you will pay only what is necessary without any extras for useless labour.

Provided Lotus repairs in Hemel Hempstead:
– Lotus brake repairs;
– Full Lotus engine repairs;
– Turbo repairs and full replacement services;
– MOT (reminder by SMS or e-mail);
– Replacement of original Lotus oil filters, cabin air filter, pollen, petrol, particulate filters;
– Lotus cambelt replacement;
– Lotus exhaust replacement, repairs and welding full services;
– Lotus clutch (fitting or replacement);
– Original gearbox repairs or replacement;
– Aircon (refill or repairs);
– Computer-aided Lotus diagnostic check (finding any problems);
– Lotus head gasket replacement;
– Lotus suspensions, springs and telescopes – full services;
– Lotus: pivot and arm replacement;
– Lotus handbrake fitting;
– Computer-aided Lotus diagnostic check – investigating problems of the electrical wiring and repairs;

Lotus Garage Service
Our company’s garage services cover the entire array of maintenance and repairs for Lotus engines. We keep investing in people and their continuing education and training as well as in state-of-the-art technology, observing thus the quality standards that we do not deviate from.
For Lotus cars we can also offer pick up and towing services from the customer’s home and drop off at the beneficiary’s home after the completed repairs.

Driving directions for Lotus car repair in Hemel Hempstead:
233 London Road
Hemel Hempstead
HertLotusshire HP39SE
United Kingdom

Find our car servicing Hemel Hempstead – Car repairs – as promise: Your car life has the lead at Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead!