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Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead offers full, totally professional car repair services with a dedicated team specialised in car servicing.

Quality commitment – repairs and car service
We are proud of the quality standards we have implemented and we keep improving here at Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead. We know that this is the only way we can be first on the car service market, aiming to offer thus perfection in the field. We are here to stay and our motto at Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead is more than a promise, it is a certainty: the price is right. Here your bill will neither be uselessly high fees for labour that you do not need, nor fictive; here we can identify your real problems for which you pay the repairs without additional costs that are generally laid on the head of the unwary.

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Full Car Service Cost in Hemel Hempstead
Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead is a family-owned business and the costs for “full car service” as well as for any service provided by our company are real and transparent. Don’t forget: working with us, calling on our car services, you are going to pay direct labour and not labour done via intermediaries, car dealerships or franchised companies. Be smart! Be you!

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Full car service Hemel Hempstead – Car repair services offered by our company
– car brake repairs;
– car engine repairs;
– car turbo system repairs or complete replacement;
– yearly MOT;
– replacement of cabin air filter, pollen, petrol, particulate filters;
– cambelt replacement;
– exhaust replacement, repairs or welding services;
– clutch (calibration or replacement);
– gearbox (repair or replacement);
– aircon;
– system refills or repairs;
– computer-aided diagnostic check (finding out any future problems);
– head gasket replacement;
– suspensions (springs and telescopes – replacement and fitting);
– pivot and arm replacement;
– handbrake replacement and fitting;
– wiring system diagnostic and repairs;
– battery replacement (with the maximum warranty granted by manufacturers);
Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead can also offer pick up and towing services from the customer’s home and drop off at the beneficiary’s home after the completed repairs.

Full Car Service Hemel Hempstead – offers and discount
Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead offers discount on different important yearly events. Stay tuned online and get the discounts we offer you.

Find our car servicing Hemel Hempstead – Car repairs – as promise: Your car life has the lead at Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead!