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Our car repair services imply calling upon our skilled staff on the one hand and using a state-of-the-art technology on the other hand combined with the exclusive use of original spares for your vehicle, offering thus the guarantee of absolute quality.

Service and repairs
Any quality servicing most certainly expands the lifespan of your car. Just like in medicine, where it is known that prevention is better than cure, here at Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead the principle of thinking and car diagnosis is based on the very same principle: “Find and solve the failures before they become a real problem!

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Car Garage Services Hemel Hempstead – Mechanics Repairs
Done by skilled staff and efficient equipment, the complete mechanics repairs on your vehicle bring you the following benefits:
– low repair costs if the check is done on time;
– the possibility to save fuel considerably;
– decrease in the number of road accidents caused by mechanical breakdowns;
– diminishing the risk of side slipping.

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Car Garage Services Hemel Hempstead – Car Electrics
Here at Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead, we diagnose and repair the problems of the electrical wiring system:
– alternators;
– finding the failure;
– diagnostic check;
– fitting the electrical system;
– battery replacement (all models) with the warranty granted by the manufacturer.

Quality Car Garage Services Hemel Hempstead include:
– Computer-aided car diagnostic check – investigating problems of the electrical wiring and repairs;
– Car brake repairs;
– Full car engine repairs;
– Turbo repairs and full replacement services;
– MOT (reminder by SMS or e-mail);
– Replacement of original car oil filters, cabin air filter, pollen, petrol, particulate filters;
– Car cambelt replacement;
– Car exhaust replacement, repairs and welding full services;
– Car clutch (fitting or replacement);
– Original gearbox repairs or replacement;
– Aircon (refill or repairs);
– Computer-aided car diagnostic check (finding any problems);
– Car head gasket replacement;
– Car suspensions, springs and telescopes – full services;
– Car: pivot and arm replacement;
– Car handbrake fitting;

Find our car servicing Hemel Hempstead – Car repairs – as promise: Your car life has the lead at Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead!