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From passion for mechanical engineering

Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead


Your Car “Doctor”
Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead is a family-owned business in which the calling has been passed on from father to son and thus the passion for mechanical engineering turned it in time into a car service where the craft feels at ease. Being as true as steel could only lead to performance and establishing quality standards that we are proud of, having happy customers and the satisfaction of a well-done job.
about us - Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead

We acquired experience in time and came into prominence on the market while the technology adapted to the current standards and the investment in the skilled human resources, the best capital ever, have all made our ambitious company complete, in constant ascension, aiming for the top in order to stay there!
If you are looking for certainty although they say it is hard to find, Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead is the quality guarantee of the full car service and the well-done job because we care about your car’s “health” and, implicitly, about your own, your family’s, your friends’, your acquaintances’ or your beloved peers’ safety.

Our promise: Your life has the lead at Car Doctor Hemel Hempstead!

Getting quality car services in Hemel Hempstead is easier than you think.